mature riding lessons


Horseback riding demands a strong core, side effects firm legs and good posture. Horseback riding develops body awareness and brings many benefits both to the horse and rider. It challenges the intellect and increases flexibility and strength. Horses and riders have diverse personalities and negotiating how to work together through exercise is pleasurable. Equine-human relations can inspire many aspects of ones life, often in unexpected ways.

Adult Equine Workout Program

You will need about 2 hours to tack up, warm up and cool down – with one full hour on the horse at a pace that develop your muscles, loosen your hips and improve your cardio using standing trot, two- and three- point position, short stirrups. Bring your water bottle and an energy snack. Free coffee afterwards.

Novice classes in indoor or outdoor arena. Intermediate and Advanced classes will be in the outdoor arena and in nearby fields and trails, as much as weather permits. Please dress accordingly.

Senior Equine Exercise Program

A gentle ride at a walk or slow trot combined with arm and movements to build posture, balance, flexibility. Turning, bending and flexing movements will sharpen your communication skills with your horse.

Novice classes are in the indoor arena. Intermediate and Advanced classes are in the indoor arena and nearby fields and trails.

Costs are listed on the Rates for Riding Instruction
Exact times depending on demand. Please phone.


Boots with 3/4″ heel
Riding helmet (rental helmets available on premise)
Comfortable clothing. Trousers with low profile in-seam either loosely fitted or stretchable.